Works List

Below is a list of works with a selection of audio extracts from past concerts and recordings. Recent works can be watched or listened to in full by clicking the titles to view full blog articles, which include more information about the pieces.


Fish – an opera (commissioned by Bristol Opera for the company’s centenary celebration concert at Bristol Aerospace on 24th June 2023)
Nocturne for piano solo (premiere at Ludlow Piano Festival by Viv McLean on 26th May 2023)


FLUX – a vocalic opera commissioned and staged by KONSCHT MASCHINN


Empire-Building for piano solo
Life Piles Up
for string quartet (performed by Villiers Quartet)


forty fungi – for Explore Ensemble and soprano for EXPO Fest and SciPo (more information coming soon)


The Beginning of an Idea – an opera based on the short story by John McGahern – written for students of the Opera and Music Theatre course at the Faculty of Music, University of Oxford (premiere directed by Jonny Danciger on Saturday 19th January 2019 at the JdP Music Building, St Hilda’s College, Oxford)


Grim’s Ditch for Ensemble Klang and mezzo-soprano, two dancers and film (premiere at DANSOX Motion & Meaning on 6th July 2018 at the JdP Music Building, St Hilda’s College, Oxford)


Jacinto Chiclana for CHROMA ensemble and baritone


Biding II for cello and electronics (premiere at the MASH Marathon, Oxford on 27th January 2017)


Unstemmed for piano solo (premiere by Maki Sekiya at the JdP on 30th May 2015)


Miniature Studies for piano solo


O for 11 players

Bow and Baleno for guitar, percussion, viola, cello and soprano (premiere at the National Gallery on 3rd May 2013)

Biding I for cello and electronics (premiere at the The Monk Club on 11th April 2013)

Retrace for the Masters Ensemble (mixed sextet – premiere at the RCM on 11th March 2013)

Rending for tape and electronics


Fathom for guitar, harp, viola and soprano

Twelve Trees for two pianos and vibraphone – Audio Sample

Fragments for orchestra – Audio Sample

Schump for solo vibraphone – Audio Sample


Where in the Waste is the Wisdom for the Composer’s Ensemble (mixed sextet) – Audio Sample

The Sound Basin for Flute, Trumpet, Cello and Percussion

Camera Obscura for string quartet (premiere by ANIMA at The Forge on 19th September 2013)


The Latter Rain for SSAATTBB choir

Something Breathing for saxophone and percussion (premiere at the National Portrait Gallery)

Bell Loop for 30 percussion instruments (commissioned by Bell Percussion)


La Cascada for piano solo

Original music for the silent film The Little Match Seller (Dir. James Williamson, 1902)


Original music for the documentary Robots (Dir. Franzi Florack, 2008)

Original music for the documentary Sensory Overload (Dir. John Klotz, 2008)


Study No. 2 for piano solo

Original music for the short film Lock In (Dir. Emma Lightfoot, 2007)


Study No. 1 for piano solo

The Loch Ness Monster’s Song for soprano and percussion


Restore to us the Years for SATB choir