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This portfolio consists of a thesis, prefaces to compositions, five compositions (submitted as scores), and various attachments (including recordings, videos, supporting documents and other relevant media).

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Thesis & Prefaces to Compositions

Melancholia, Noise and Intertextuality in Louis Andriessen’s La Commedia
& Prefaces to Portfolio of Original Compositions

[thesis and prefaces including scores .pdf 11MB]

[thesis, prefaces and scores cropped and rotated for A4 print .pdf 11MB]

[download all scores as separate files .zip 5MB]

Media & Scores

1. Grim’s Ditch for Ensemble Klang, mezzo-soprano, two dancers and film (duration: c. 17 minutes)


2. Jacinto Chiclana for mixed quintet and baritone (duration: c. 4 minutes)

SCORE (.pdf)

3. The Beginning of an Idea — an opera (duration c. 50 minutes)

SCORE (.pdf) | LIBRETTO (.pdf) | TAPE PARTS (.zip/.wav)

4. Life Piles Up for string quartet (duration: c. 6 minutes)

SCORE (.pdf)

5. FLUX — a vocalic opera (duration c. 34 minutes)

SCORE (.pdf) | CONTEXT & NARRATIVE (.pdf) | TAPE PARTS (.zip/.aif)